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Japan Visa Services

Individual and corporate immigration issues often arise when applying for a visa. Individual tax and compensation planning is typically necessary. Corporate tax issues arise in the selection of an appropriate business entity and in providing compensation to director level employees. Japan Visa offers a wide range of advisory services to meet all of your clients’ needs.

The interaction of visa issues and individual and corporate tax matters is often complex. Even the Japan business entity chosen by a client can impact what visas are available.

As a member of the Accounting Asia Group, Japan Visa provides integrated solutions to meet all your clients' needs. Our Accounting Asia colleagues are led by top ex-Big 4 professionals who provide specialist consulting for both individuals and corporations in areas such as tax and accounting.

We typically advise on the following situations:

1. Tax and Compensation Planning for International Assignees

Tax and compensation planning for the international assignee is one of the most important activities associated with a Japan working visa application. Without proper guidance, the assignee may suffer unnecessary taxes in both Japan and her home country.

The following article provides information on Japan Taxes: Tax Planning for Foreigners Working in Japan.

2. Japan Business Entity Selection

The first step for clients new to Japan is the selection and establishment of an appropriate Japan business entity. Japan has a number of business entity options, each with unique corporate tax consequences in both Japan and the foreign investor’s home country.

Visa applications can move forward only after the appropriate business entity is established.

The following article provides additional information regarding Choosing a Japan Entity: KK, GK, Japan Branch and Representative Office.

If need, we can provide a Japan nominee director for the purposes of incorporation and thereafter on a long term basis if requested. We also can provide a Japan Registered Address Solution.

3. Compensation Planning for Directors of Japanese Companies

Director level employees of Japanese companies often require special compensation and tax planning. Directors may suffer adverse individual tax consequences and the company not be able to deduct performance bonus payments for corporate tax purposes.

Japan Visa can assist with compensation and tax planning for director level employees, as well as offer alternative solutions such as Japan Nominee Directors.

The following article provides some additional information about Issues in Structuring Compensation for Directors of Japanese Companies.

4. Japan Visas for Same-Sex Partners

Assignees seeking to bring a same-sex partner to Japan as a dependent may face unique challenges. Japan Visa is able to advise on available options.

The following article discusses Japan Visas for Same-Sex Couples.

5. Sponsoring a Japan Visa for a Maid, Nanny, Housekeeper, or Other Personal Help

Certain categories of assignees are able to sponsor a Japan Visa for a Maid, Nanny, Housekeeper, or other Personal Help. We can advise and assist in this regard.

The above is provided for general information purposes only and does not constitute advice to undertake or refrain from undertaking any action. Only qualified Japanese professionals are able to advise on Japan immigration, legal, and tax matters.