Japan Corporate Set-Up Services

Business Set-Up & Support

Japan Visa’s Corporate Set-Up Group provides comprehensive services to clients wishing to incorporate a business entity in Japan.

Our main services include:

  1. Assisting clients in selecting an appropriate Japan business entity.
  2. Incorporation / establishment of a Japan business entity.
  3. Provision of a Japan Nominee Director.
  4. Finding a Japan office solution that satisfies both statutory requirements and ongoing business needs.

Japan Incorporation Services.

The first issue facing most clients is selecting the Japan business entity for their operations. This issue is particularly important when foreign assignees require Japan working visas. Typically, the Japan entity must be in place before the visa application can be filed.

Japan Nominee Director Services

Japan Visa can provide qualified nominee directors to facilitate initial incorporation and/or to meet the ongoing need of strengthening internal controls.

Japan Office Solutions

A Japan business entity requires a registered address legally, and visa applications require the Japan entity have a functioning business office.

Japan Visa can advise clients on both the legal and practical issues associated with an office solution for operations in Japan.

The above is provided for general information purposes only and does not constitute advice to undertake or refrain from undertaking any action. Only qualified Japanese professionals are able to advise on Japan immigration, legal, and tax matters.