Japan Corporate Tax Compliance Services

Business Set-Up & Support

The goal of our Corporate Tax Compliance Services team is to ensure that accurate corporate compliance is submitted in a timely manner.

Key features of our Japan Corporate Tax Compliance Services include:

1. Initial Tax Filings

Once a Japan entity has been established, there are a number of time critical initial tax filings that need to be made.

Failure to submit these filings in a timely manner may lead the Japan entity to suffer adverse tax consequences including, but not limited to, an inability to carry forward future losses.

2. Ongoing Japan Corporate Tax Compliance

Japan’s corporate tax system operates at both a local and national level and returns are required for both.

In addition, Japan has a system of Value Added Tax (referred to in English as Consumption Tax). An annual consumption tax return may be required.

The above is provided for general information purposes only and does not constitute advice to undertake or refrain from undertaking any action. Only qualified Japanese professionals are able to advise on Japan immigration, legal, and tax matters.