Japan Corporate Tax Consulting Services

Business Set-Up & Support

As a member of the Accounting Asia Group, Japan Visa offers comprehensive corporate tax advice to clients operating in Japan.

We commonly advise on the following areas:

1. Japan Business Entity Selection

Initial consulting is required to select an appropriate Japan business entity. The various options affect potential tax consequences (in both Japan and the home jurisdiction).

This article provides additional information about Choosing a Japan Entity: KK, GK, Japan Branch and Representative Office, including a discussion of the tax consequences associated with each.

2. Japanese Consumption Tax

Japanese consumption tax (i.e., Japan’s system of Value Added Tax – VAT) issues need to be considered as early as possible. Actions taken during the initial set-up (for example the level of initial paid in capital) will affect the Japan business entity’s future consumption tax obligations.

3. Specialized Forms of Doing Business in Japan

In certain cases, it may be appropriate for clients to operate in Japan via a more specialized non-entity option such as a Tokumei Kumiai (similar to a U.S. silent partnership). The following article provides An Introduction to Japanese Tokumei Kumiai.

The above is provided for general information purposes only and does not constitute advice to undertake or refrain from undertaking any action. Only qualified Japanese professionals are able to advise on Japan immigration, legal, and tax matters.